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The Best Way to Buy Plants Online

Looking for the best way to buy houseplants online? Learn what to look for when buying plants and how to buy houseplants online with easyplant.

Ordering houseplants online has become increasingly popular, but knowing exactly how to go about it can be difficult. You want something easy and reliable, and to have as much information about the plant you're buying to determine if it is a right fit for you and your home. From light, humidity and temperature conditions to the overall mature height.

Understanding your plant's specifications in depth is key to successful online shopping. After all, you don't want to end up with a plant that won't thrive in your home or office environment. That's why easyplant has made it incredibly easy to buy plants online without any hassle.

easyplant is the best route when ordering houseplants online, hands down. easyplants are the most convenient and low-maintenance plants you can find, with a lifespan of 6x longer than regular plants. Your satisfaction is their top priority— with innovative packaging designed to handle the shipping process, we make sure your plant arrives alive and thriving right at your doorstep!

Purchasing Plants Online vs. Purchasing Plants In Store

If you're considering buying a houseplant online, where you shop is just as important as the type of plant you choose. With so many options available, it's easy to become overwhelmed and buy something that won't work for your home. Knowing the conditions that a plant will thrive in and matching them with the conditions in your home is essential to ensuring that you purchase a healthy, thriving plant.

Big box retailers rarely take the time to educate buyers on the conditions that various plants need to thrive. No care instructions, no information on the origin of the plant, and no humidity, temperature, light, or water recommendations are all reasons to avoid these mass-market options.

Buying indoor plants online from these retailers is a hit-or-miss experience. The variety and condition of houseplants in stores can be unpredictable, and if you don't find what you are looking for, it's a time-consuming and frustrating process to try and find something else.

With big box retailers, you'll have to wait in long lines without guaranteeing that the plants will be in good condition or even available. Plants from bigger retailers are also prone to damage during shipping, and without secure, protective packaging, plants can arrive wilted and dry or with damaged leaves or stems.

With easyplant, you know exactly what to expect— all plants are shipped, potted, and ready to thrive right out of the box. easyplant is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality plants, complete with detailed care instructions and helpful tips to ensure that the plant is well cared for. We also take great care to package the plants correctly during shipping— meaning they will arrive in perfect condition, no matter where you’re located. easyplant uses innovative packaging to ensure your houseplants are safe during shipping and arrive in pristine condition.

Understanding how to care for your houseplant is key to ensuring its health and vitality. Providing detailed care instructions tailored specifically for each type of plant is an invaluable service that only a specialty houseplant retailer can provide.

Buying Houseplants Online With easyplant

Rather than trusting a careless retailer with your houseplants, gain insight and knowledge into the care of your plant with easyplant. Understanding the conditions that your climate and home can provide is essential when determining which plants thrive. Utilizing the extensive selection of plants from easyplant, you can discover a perfect match for your lifestyle. Learn a variety of specifications for a potential new houseplant, like:

  • Sunlight requirements - Does your plant require direct or partial sunlight?
  • Temperature - Will the room temperature be too hot or cold for the plant?
  • Watering needs - What is the appropriate watering schedule with or without an easyplant self-watering pot?
  • Mature height/size - How tall will the plant grow? Knowing this allows you to determine what is best for your home right away.

easyplant also offers helpful tips on care, such as proper fertilization and pruning instructions. With a vast library of detailed photos, videos, and articles filled with information about plants in general, having access to a resource like easyplant provides is ideal for anyone looking to buy a houseplant.

easyplant ships potted plants that are ready to thrive in your space. All you have to do is unpack them and utilize the easyplant pot. You'll always receive detailed instruction cards on how to care for each type of plant. With this card, you'll have all the knowledge you need to take care of your plant! From watering instructions and light requirements that will help it grow better than ever before to information about its species, easyplant provides everything you need to know.

Each easyplant is shipped directly from the greenhouse and cared for by professionals before being sent out. The patented package keeps the plant safe in delivery, ensuring it will arrive in perfect condition.

To ensure your plant reaches you in pristine condition, all easyplants are shipped with special winter-safe packaging. Plus, we check the weather daily and will postpone delivery if necessary. To make things even easier for those ordering during colder months or living in cold climates, we recommend having it delivered to an access point so that it won't be affected by any extreme temperatures while waiting for you outside.

For an innovative solution to buying live indoor plants online delivery, look no further than easyplant. Get your plants today and start reaping the benefits of healthier, longer-lasting houseplants! Shop Our Plants!

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Easyplants offer a variety of plants in all shapes and sizes tailored to any interior space. With easyplant, you can find the perfect plant for any room or occasion. All plants come with detailed instruction cards designed to help you care for your new addition— no more guesswork!

Start enjoying the benefits of healthy, long-lasting houseplants. With easyplant's innovative packaging, you can rest assured that your plants will arrive in pristine condition and be ready to thrive immediately! Shop our collections today and start experiencing the joy of adding more life to your home.

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