Why Does My Fiddle Leaf ...
Why Does My Fiddle Leaf Fig Have Brown Spots?
Are you finding brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig? Learn how to identify why your fiddle leaves might be turning brown and how to treat spots.

Mimicking the Fiddle Leaf Fig's native environment is challenging, so seeing brown spots develop on the foliage can be concerning, though not totally surprising.

Fortunately, there are common causes for brown spots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig, including root rot, sunburn, pest infections, lack of light, and under watering. Before identifying why your Fiddle has brown spots, help narrow down the potential causes. Ask yourself, "Where are the brown spots on the leaf?" or "What size are the spots?"

Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Due to Root Rot

Root rot is the most common reason for having a Fiddle Leaf Fig with brown spots. Root rot can occur if the plant sits in water for a prolonged period or is overwatered, causing the outer roots to suffocate.

How to Identify Root Rot

To identify root rot, look for brown or black spots in the center of the leaves. Additionally, you should check for wilting or dropping leaves. If the plant gets enough water, root rot may be the problem. Take the plant out of its pot and examine the roots. If rot is the issue, you'll see slimy, blackened, possibly dead roots.

How to Treat Root Rot

Once the plant is out of its pot, knock the soaked soil off the roots, trim the mushy or dead roots, and repot in fresh, dry soil. Wait a few days before watering. After that, water when the top inch of soil is dry.

If you don't want to worry about overwatering or improper drainage, using an easyplant pot is the easiest solution. Check the reservoir once a month, and fill it when empty - the pot will care of the rest.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Turning Brown Due to Sunburn

Another culprit to the Fiddle Leaf Fig turning brown is sunburn, occurring when the plant gets too much direct sunlight. Sunburn spots can happen anywhere on the leaf and typically end up crispy with a yellow ring around the edge.

How to Identify Sunburn

Check the higher leaves that get direct sun; those will be most affected. Look for color loss or yellowing on part of the leaf. Check to see if your plant has been getting more hours of sun than usual.

How to Treat Sunburn

With sunburn, you can only prevent further damage by keeping the Fiddle Leaf Fig away from any windows that get too much direct light. You may remove the affected areas without further damage to the leaf.

Pest Infections Causing Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pest infections can cause dark spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, though it is less common. These plants can be prone to issues with scale insects and spider mites.

How to Identify Pest Infections

You may be able to see the pests on the leaves, especially with a magnifying glass. Look for small dark spots that turn into holes in the leaves. Look for any white or gray webbing on the underside of the leaves.

How to Treat Pest Infections

Try to remove any visible pests first, then treat the leaves with an insecticidal soap or neem oil. Continue to treat the leaves until all signs of pests have ceased.

Lack of Light Causing Brown Leaves on Fiddle Leaf Fig

In the same way that too much light can contribute to Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves browning, so can a lack of light. It's important to know proper care guidelines for this plant. Fiddle Leaf Fig plants prefer bright, filtered, or indirect light.

How to Identify Lack of Light

Check for lack of sheen or a lighter color on the shaded leaves. Check to see if the brown spots are soft or sunken. Take note if the dark spots are forming near the steam or veins of the leaf.

How to Treat Lack of Light

Moving your plant closer to a window or using artificial light will help ensure it gets enough light. Avoid turning or moving the Fiddle Leaf Fig too much, as it may cause leaf drop.

Fiddle Fig Leaf Brown Spots Due to Underwatering

Similar to light conditions, too much or too little water can cause brown spots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig. It's also possible that the environment is too dry, and a lack of humidity is causing the brown spots.

How to Identify Underwatering

Look for brown, crispy edges with brown spots in the center of the leaf. Lift the plant out of its pot and check the soil for dry areas that may not be absorbing water.

How to Treat Underwatering

An immediate remedy is setting the plant in a flooded tub and letting it soak for 10 to 30 minutes, based on the size of the root ball. A long-term solution to avoid underwatering altogether is by using an easyplant pot. If the issue is humidity, use a humidifier in the space with the plant.

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Fiddle Leaf Figs are adored for rewarding their owners when getting the proper care with stunning growth and vibrant coloring. Brown spots due to root rot, under or overwatering, too little or too much light, and pests are all easy fixes and shouldn't deter any plant lover from enjoying this wonderful plant.

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