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Elevate Your Interior Design with Plant Stands

Enhance your home decor with easyplant's self-watering plants and stylish indoor plant stands. Discover how plant stands add elegance and health benefits.

Interior design plays a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere and functionality of our living spaces. It's more than just arranging furniture and selecting color schemes; it's about crafting a space that mirrors your personality and boosts your well-being.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to elevate your interior design is by incorporating plants. Not only do they add a touch of nature and beauty, but they also contribute to a healthier living environment. easyplant takes this concept further with their innovative self-watering plants, which come paired with stylish indoor plant stands. 

The Hand Crafted Plant Stand by easyplant is designed to seamlessly integrate with any decor, making it easier than ever to bring a touch of greenery into your home.

How Plants and Indoor Plant Stands Enhance Interior Design

Plants have long been cherished in interior design for their ability to bring life and vibrancy into any space. They offer a plethora of aesthetic and health benefits, making them a must-have for modern homes. From soothing green hues to refreshing air-purifying qualities, plants significantly enhance the ambiance of a room. They fit into any design style—whether minimalist, bohemian, industrial, or traditional—softening harsh lines, adding texture, and even serving as focal points.

Psychologically, being around plants reduces stress and improves mood, creating a more relaxing and enjoyable environment. Studies indicate that indoor plants can lower blood pressure, improve concentration, and boost overall mental well-being. Moreover, plants improve indoor air quality by filtering toxins and releasing oxygen, making your home healthier.

Plant stands are powerful tools in elevating your interior design. By lifting plants off the ground, stands create dynamic visual impacts, adding height and dimension to your space. This elevation allows for better viewing angles and makes plants more prominent in your decor. Plant stands help create balance and symmetry in a room, allowing for creative layering with plants at varying heights, which adds depth and interest. 

Additionally, plant stands optimize space, making even small areas feel lush and green without cluttering the floor. Available in various styles, materials, and finishes, plant stands can match any aesthetic, enhancing both the beauty of your plants and the structure of your interior design.

The Hand Crafted Plant Stand by easyplant

Elevate Plants with Elegance

The Hand Crafted Plant Stands by easyplant are designed to elevate your interior design with elegance and functionality. These indoor plant stands are available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—each meticulously crafted to provide the perfect support for your self-watering plants. Made from premium bamboo or walnut, these stands offer a sustainable and stylish solution for showcasing your greenery.

Elegant and Versatile Design

The Hand Crafted Plant Stand enhances the aesthetic appeal of your plants by lifting them off the ground, creating a striking visual impact. The bamboo finish adds a natural touch, seamlessly blending with various interior decor styles, from minimalist to traditional. The walnut adds a bit of a darker elegance.

The small size is priced at $29 and comes with two options, fitting Amber and Yoko pots. The medium size, priced at $39, offers three options, suitable for Amber, Era, and Monet pots. The large stand, at $49, fits the Agatha pot, making it ideal for larger plants.

Sustainable and Durable Construction

Crafted from rapidly renewable bamboo or walnut, our plant stands are a testament to sustainable elegance. The material is not only eco-friendly but also highly durable, ensuring your stand will last for years. 

Each stand is thoroughly handcrafted by skilled woodworkers, ensuring the highest quality and attention to every detail. The plant stand comes with hand-picked accessories like felt pads and matching screws, which enhance both its stability and functionality.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

The Hand Crafted Plant Stand is designed for hassle-free assembly and maintenance. To assemble, simply join the two wooden pieces, insert the screw into the crossbar, and tighten it. You can alternate between two heights by flipping the stand, allowing you to customize the display of your plants. 

For maintenance, take a soft cloth or towel and dust the stand whenever it starts collecting dirt. In case of any spills, quickly wipe them away with a slightly damp towel, and make sure to dry the area well. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight to preserve the natural finish.

Optimized for Various Pot Sizes

easyplant’s stands are designed to fit a wide variety of pot sizes. The small stand fits pots up to 6 inches in diameter, the medium stand fits pots up to 10 inches, and the large stand fits pots up to 14 inches. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your plants, whether you choose easyplant pots or other flat-bottom pots for stability.

Indoor Use with Style

Both bamboo and walnut stands are certainly durable, however, they are intended for use indoors or outside in more sheltered or covered areas. Direct exposure to elements could damage the wood over time, so it is best to protect the stands from getting wet or ruined by extreme temperatures.

Matching Your Decor

Selecting the right indoor plant stand to match your home's decor is essential. The light-toned bamboo stand offers a natural and airy feel, ideal for a minimalist or Scandinavian-style interior. The rich, dark hue of the walnut stand provides a sophisticated touch, perfect for modern and traditional spaces. Consider the color schemes and wood finishes already present in your room to choose a stand that complements your home beautifully.

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