Where to Place A Money T...

Where to Place A Money Tree

Discover where to place a money tree in your home for good luck and prosperity. Find tips on feng shui placement and care of this symbol of wealth.

Money Trees are a great way to bring good luck and prosperity into your home. But where's the best place to put it? Looking at Feng Shui principles, there are some key spots to consider when deciding the placement of your Money Tree.

The most important spots to consider are your home's Money and Heath areas, among others. There are also a few places to avoid. So without further ado, let's look at the best places to put your Money Tree.

Where Should A Money Tree Be Placed?

The Money Tree plant thrives in areas with bright direct sunlight and areas with bright indirect light. It is not recommended to place the plant in areas that have low light or no natural sunlight.

Aside from the best places to ensure the plant is healthy, the Money Tree is traditionally placed in the Southeast area of your home, as this is considered the point of wealth and abundance. This tip comes from Feng Shui principles that suggest this corner brings good luck and prosperity into your home.

Where Is The Best Place For A Money Tree For Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based on the idea of balancing energy in your home. One way to do this is by placing items in locations that represent different aspects of life and work. A Money Tree can be placed in several areas depending on what you're looking for.

Money Area

The "money area" refers to a specific section of the southeast area of your home that usually receives ample natural light. This area is where you typically carry out financial tasks, like working in your home office. It's considered to be the ideal spot to display a Money Tree as it brings in abundance and good luck.

Health Area

The "health area" is located on the east side of your home, usually near the bathrooms or kitchen. This area can help attract positive energy for good health. By placing a Money Tree here, it can bring health and prosperity to your home.

Fame Area

To locate the zone associated with Fame & Reputation in your home, divide it into nine equal sections, three from front to back and three from left to right. This is known as the Bagua Map. When facing the main door, this zone would be situated in the central section at the back of your home. Placing a Money Tree here can help bring out positive public recognition.

Where Not To Place A Money Tree For Feng Shui

Although several areas are great for a Money Tree, there are some places where they should not be.

The Bathroom

As bathrooms are considered areas that circulate energy, placing a Money Tree here may cause the positive energy to dissipate quickly. Money Trees are also sensitive to humidity, making bathrooms especially unsuitable.

Love Area

In traditional feng shui, the southwest corner of your home is considered the love area. To avoid any conflicts, it is recommended not to place your money tree in this area. Placing a money tree in a love area could cause the energy to focus more on money and less on romance.

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