Summer Symphony

The Tropical Trio
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The Evening Sky Palette
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Innovative self-watering system
Fill the water reservoir once a month and enjoy thriving plants all year long
Pot Included
Artfully crafted ceramic pot in an array of colors
  • Summer Symphony Bio
    Close Summer Symphony Bio
    In this collection, you'll receive a curated trio of tropical plants designed to bring a harmonious, summery vibe to any space. The set includes a small Heartleaf Philodendron, known for its glossy, forest green heart-shaped foliage that lightens up any living space with a tropical jungle vibe. Alongside, a medium Bird’s Nest Fern with bright green, wavy fronds add a delicate touch to the collection. The finale is a huge Schefflera Amate, a stunning plant adored for its bright glossy green leaves that add a perfect touch of the tropics. Together, these three make a melody of lush greenery, sure to be the perfect summer ensemble for any plant lover.
  • How does self-watering work?
    Close How does self-watering work?
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      Simply open the lid and fill with water
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      The plant drinks only when needed
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      The result - healthy, long-lived plants that are easy to maintain
    self watering
    easyplant benefits
    • Carefree and convenient
    • Never worry about when to water
    • Much healthier plants that live longer
    Water every1 Month1 Week
    Over compacted dry soilNeverCommon
    Easily know when to waterYesNo
    Stable root growthYesNo
  • What's included
    Close What's included
    • plant
      A healthy plant potted in our premium potting mix
    • watering
      Self-watering, high quality ceramic pot
    • ups
      Free UPS shipping delivered to your doorstep, your order may arrive in a few different packages
    • leaf
      All plants arrive in healthy condition
    • pipe
      We use proven Waterwick TM technology to optimize water consumption
    • waterwick