Lipstick Plant

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Lipstick Plant at a Glance
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8"-11" tall (including pot)
Can reach up to 3 ft. wide, stems can reach 3 ft. long
Pet friendly
May bloom in late summer and early fall
Creates a serene backdrop for restful nights
Lipstick Plant Bio
Hailing from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the Lipstick Plant 'Mona Lisa' is a true masterpiece of nature. Named for its strikingly red, tubular flowers that resemble a tube of lipstick, this showy evergreen is guaranteed to turn heads. Its glossy, green leaves are an elegant backdrop to its vibrant blooms, making it a standout addition to any indoor garden. As the flowers emerge and unfurl from their tube-like bracts, you'll be mesmerized by the artistry of this enchanting plant.
Light Instructions
Lipstick Plant grows best in a space with bright indirect light, where the sun rays are diffused. Avoid placing it in spaces with low light, direct sunlight or spaces without natural light.
How does self-watering work?
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    Simply open the lid and fill with water
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    The result - healthy, long-lived plants that are easy to maintain
self watering
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Water every1 Month1 Week
Over compacted dry soilNeverCommon
Easily know when to waterYesNo
Stable root growthYesNo
Lipstick Plant Care

Caring for your Lipstick Plant is an enjoyable journey that will reward you with vibrant blooms. Keep your plant in a warm, well-lit spot with temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to keep it away from cold drafts and radiators. It's crucial to maintain clean, glossy leaves as they are the plant's powerhouse. Every few weeks, gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove any dust. This simple act not only keeps your plant looking its best but also allows it to absorb more light, leading to better growth. Remember to rotate the pot a ¼ turn once a month to promote balanced growth. This ensures that all parts of your plant get equal access to light, avoiding lopsided growth. Keep in mind that it's completely normal for younger Lipstick Plants to not bloom. They might need more time to mature. So, if your plant isn't blooming, it might just be too young. Keep taking care of it, and with time, it should reward you with stunning blooms.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it called a Lipstick plant?

The Lipstick Plant is named for its strikingly red tubular flowers that resemble a tube of lipstick. These showy evergreen blooms emerge and unfurl from their tube-like bracts, captivating with their bright color and unique shape​​.

Do Lipstick plants climb?

Lipstick Plants are known for their trailing nature rather than climbing. With the right conditions, they can grow up to 2 feet in length, showcasing their ability to add a lively and colorful touch to any indoor space with their trailing vines and vibrant flowers​​.