Sansevieria Moonshine

The Moonlit Beauty
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Sansevieria Moonshine at a Glance
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15"-19" tall (including pot)
Can reach up to 4 feet tall
Ideal for low light environments
Place it on a bathroom counter for a green accent
Sansevieria Moonshine Bio
Originating from the diverse ecosystems of West Africa, the Sansevieria Moonshine graces interiors with its silvery-green, broad leaves that capture the essence of a moonlit night. This particular variety of Snake Plant is not just a visual delight; it carries an air of mystique and elegance. While its aesthetic allure is undeniable, the Sansevieria Moonshine is also a testament to nature's tenacity.
Light Instructions

Sansevieria Moonshine grows best in a well lit space with bright indirect sunlight, and can adapt to both direct sunlight and low light. Avoid placing it in spaces without natural sunlight.

How does self-watering work?
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    Simply open the lid and fill with water
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    The plant drinks only when needed
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    The result - healthy, long-lived plants that are easy to maintain
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Water every2 Months1 Week
Over compacted dry soilNeverCommon
Easily know when to waterYesNo
Stable root growthYesNo
Sansevieria Moonshine Care

With the right tools and care, your Sansevieria Moonshine can become the crowning jewel of your indoor garden. For those equipped with an easyplant, you'll find much of the care process delightfully straightforward. But, whether you have the convenience of easyplant or not, the adaptability of Sansevieria Moonshine is its true charm. Begin by regularly wiping down the Moonshine's silvery-grey leaves with a damp cloth. This not only maintains their lustrous appearance but also helps with their photosynthesis. For those wanting to ensure the plant's uniform growth and captivating statuesque posture, consider rotating the pot by a ¼ turn a month. It’s a simple action, ensuring all sides of your Moonshine receive an even share of light and preventing any unintentional leaning. Beneath its tough exterior, the Moonshine is all heart, particularly at its roots. If you don’t own an easyplant, emphasize optimal drainage for its pot and consider gravitating towards a well-aerating soil mix, like those tailored for cacti or succulents.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Moonshine Sansevieria rare?

Sansevieria Moonshine, with its distinctive silvery-green broad leaves, is a unique variety of Snake Plant but not considered rare. It's appreciated for its aesthetic allure and low-maintenance nature, making it a popular choice for interior design and clean air benefits​​.

How big does Sansevieria Moonshine get?

Sansevieria Moonshine is known for its vertical growth, with tall and slender sword-like leaves that can stretch upwards. Indoors, under optimal conditions, this variant of the snake plant can reach heights of up to 3-4 feet. Its growth rate can be around an inch per month, which translates to about 12 inches per year, influenced by factors like light exposure, watering frequency, and soil quality​​.