Aglaonema Beauty

Nature's Pink Canvas
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Self-Watering Planter
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Aglaonema Beauty at a Glance
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8"-12" tall (including pot)
Can reach up to 4 ft. tall
May bloom in spring and summer
Ideal for a lively touch in relaxation spaces
Aglaonema Beauty Bio
Originating from Southeast Asia's tropical forests, Aglaonema Beauty, also known as Pink Chinese Evergreen, emerges as a vibrant gem that captivates with its striking pink foliage. Adorned with a rich tapestry of pink and subtle hints of green, it transforms any space into a serene haven of color. This botanical treasure is not only a visual delight but also a testament to nature's resilience, requiring minimal care and resonating with plant lovers at every skill level.
Light Instructions

Aglaonema Beauty grows best in a space with bright indirect light, where the sun rays are diffused. Avoid placing it in spaces with low light, direct sunlight or spaces without natural light.

How does self-watering work?
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    Simply open the lid and fill with water
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    The plant drinks only when needed
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    The result - healthy, long-lived plants that are easy to maintain
self watering
easyplant benefits
  • Carefree and convenient
  • Never worry about when to water
  • Much healthier plants that live longer
  • We use proven Waterwick TM technology to optimize water consumption
Water every1 Month1 Week
Over compacted dry soilNeverCommon
Easily know when to waterYesNo
Stable root growthYesNo
Aglaonema Beauty Care

When you first unbox your Aglaonema Beauty, you might notice the leaves looking a bit droopy or sad. This is quite normal and simply reflects the plant's adjustment to a new environment after being confined in a box. Give it a little time to perk up as it acclimates to its new home. The Aglaonema Beauty is admired for its striking foliage, featuring a lush green base beautifully variegated with lighter green or creamy patterns. To encourage symmetrical growth, rotate the pot a quarter turn each month. This ensures every side of the plant receives an equal amount of light, fostering balanced growth and maintaining its stunning appearance. Regular maintenance of the leaves is also crucial. Gently wiping them with a soft, damp cloth not only keeps your plant looking its best but also aids in efficient light absorption, vital for its health and vitality. This care routine ensures your Aglaonema Beauty remains an attractive and vibrant presence in your indoor plant collection. By following these simple care steps, your Aglaonema Beauty will swiftly recover from its initial droopiness and thrive, adding a splash of tropical elegance to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of light does Aglaonema Beauty need?

Aglaonema Beauty thrives in bright, indirect light. It is quite adaptable and can also grow well in medium to low-light conditions. To maintain its vibrant foliage, avoid placing it in areas with prolonged direct sunlight.

Is Aglaonema Beauty toxic to pets and kids?

Yes, Aglaonema Beauty is toxic if ingested, potentially causing irritation in the mouth and digestive upset. It's best to keep this plant out of reach of pets and small children to avoid any accidental ingestion.