Nerve Plant Silver

The Veined Vibrance
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Color - Sage Green
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Nerve Plant Silver at a Glance
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8"-10" tall (including pot)
Can grow up to 20 inches
Pet friendly
May bloom in summer
Display it on a bookshelf for a touch of natural elegance
Nerve Plant Silver Bio
Native to the lush undergrowth of South America's rainforests, the Nerve Plant, or Fittonia albivenis, captivates with vibrant green leaves distinctly marked by intricate silver veins. This small yet striking houseplant is ideal for adding a splash of the exotic to compact spaces. Renowned for its decorative foliage, it serves as a living piece of art, echoing the rich biodiversity of its tropical habitat. The Nerve Plant thrives in environments that mimic the humid, shaded floors of its natural surroundings.
Light Instructions

Nerve Plant grows best in a space with bright indirect light, where the sun rays are diffused. Avoid placing it in spaces with harsh direct sunlight or spaces without natural light.

How does self-watering work?
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    Simply open the lid and fill with water
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    The plant drinks only when needed
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    The result - healthy, long-lived plants that are easy to maintain
self watering
easyplant benefits
  • Carefree and convenient
  • Never worry about when to water
  • Much healthier plants that live longer
  • We use proven Waterwick TM technology to optimize water consumption
Water every1 Month1 Week
Over compacted dry soilNeverCommon
Easily know when to waterYesNo
Stable root growthYesNo
Nerve Plant Silver Care

The Nerve Plant flourishes best in a stable, warm environment that mimics its native habitat.

Rotate the plant once a month to promote even growth, and gently clean the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free and enhance photosynthesis.

Avoid exposure to drafts, sudden temperature changes, and placement near air conditioning or heating vents.

Maintaining a temperature between 65°F and 80°F (18°C – 26°C) with high humidity will help your plant thrive. You can increase humidity by grouping plants together or using a pebble tray filled with water placed near the plant.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Nerve Plant safe for pets and children?

Yes, the Nerve Plant is non-toxic, making it safe for both pets and children.

What kind of light does the Nerve Plant need?

The Nerve Plant thrives best in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.