Benefits of Having Plant...

Benefits of Having Plants in Your House

There are many benefits of houseplants. Learn about why it is good to have plants in your home and how they impact your mental and physical health.

Having plants in your home isn't just for aesthetics. There are proven mental and physical health benefits to having and caring for plants. Keep reading to learn about those benefits and the evidence that supports them.

Houseplants Improve Air Quality

It was discovered in the 1980s that plants had the ability to scrub contaminants from the air in a process referred to as phytoremediation. At the time, researchers within a NASA study were searching for ways to improve the air quality in a closed spacecraft. They discovered that the soil and roots of certain plants significantly reduced airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A separate study conducted in 2004 showed that the mutually supportive interactions between houseplants and soil microorganisms improved indoor air quality, which can contain over 300 airborne contaminants. The removal rate of benzene per pot was between 12-27 ppm d−1. Houseplants available at easyplant that are known air purifiers include:

Indoor Plants Can Help Reduce Stress

Numerous stressors throughout the day take their toll on coping skills and overall mental health. Activities like hiking and gardening to newer trends like "forest bathing" show the positive effect of the natural world on the psyche. The benefits include refocusing, being more present and mindful, and improving coping with daily stressors.

Gardening isn't just an outdoor activity. One study conducted and published in 2015 by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology detailed the benefits of plants in the home in reducing stress. It showed easy tasks like repotting or watering houseplants reduced signs of stress, including blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol. It also quieted mind chatter and slowed respiratory rates.

Houseplants May Help Improve Sleep Quality

Another benefit of indoor plants is improving sleep quality by boosting oxygen levels in the home. The natural process of photosynthesis includes plants absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen which then is released into the immediate environment. The connection to sleep quality is a study that showed participants had deeper, more restorative sleep when exposed to high oxygen levels.

All plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, but there are specific houseplants that a better at oxygenating a room, including these plants sold by easyplant:

Houseplants Can Be Beneficial for Mental Health

Reducing stress is enough incentive to have houseplants to improve mental health. Easing the signs of stress has been proven to boost overall mood and combat the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, but there are further benefits of plants in this area. A study in 2017 on horticultural therapy in a psychiatric in-patient setting showed a strong association between access and time in green spaces and improved scores on vitality and overall mental health. The outcomes of this study included social inclusion, improved self-esteem, and interaction levels.

Indoor Plants May Boost Productivity

It might be strange to think improved productivity could be among the benefits of houseplants, but multiple studies show compelling evidence of this fact. A micro-study of 23 participants in which students were placed in a classroom with either a fake plant, real plant, picture of a plant, or no plant showed better concentration and attentiveness in those in the classroom with the real plant.

An additional study in 1996 uncovered that students in a computer lab were less stressed and worked 12% faster when live plants were nearby. The physical health benefits of houseplants in a 2007 study showed that workers with more plants in their workspace took fewer sick days, thus boosting productivity.

Enjoy the Benefits of Houseplants and Get Your Own easyplant Today!

These are just a few of the many benefits of having plants in the home and workspace. Benefits like improved air quality and reduced stress levels have a domino effect of other benefits that can be tied back to having plants. There are many excellent options for plants within this list that are made better with the addition of the easyplant pot to make caring for your plant hassle-free.

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